CDW and UpCurve Cloud: A Match Made in Heaven

CDW and UpCurve Cloud team up for low cost and lucrative Google sales and support.

CDW Corporation is a North American provider of technology products and services for business, government and education, leader in technology solutions.

CDW has the Customers

  • Supporting 250,000 organizations in business, government, education, and healthcare
  • Generating $10.8 billion in net sales in 2013
  • Meeting a growing demand for Google products like G Suite
  • UpCurve Cloud has the Know-How
  • An international leader in Google G Suite migrations

Google’s largest and highest rated small business partner

  • Completed over 5000 cloud implementations
  • Meets CDW’s stringent requirements for customer service and technology support

“Customer demand for G Suite by Google Cloud is growing and that’s where UpCurve Cloud comes in. They make the migration process extremely simple – handling everything from cost estimates to final deployment – so we don’t have to deploy new and expensive support practices.”

Jotham Darrin
Business Development, CDW

So They Teamed Up – To Deliver Robust Google G Suite Sales and Service

  • Seamless UpCurve Cloud support
  • CDW refers customers requiring G Suite migration and other services

Complete services

UpCurve Cloud handles the entire process – cost quotation, statement of work, implementation, etc.

High customer satisfaction and loyalty

Easy to use, steady license renewals, no cancellations


  • CDW customers get the high-quality service from UpCurve cloud that they’ve come to expect from CDW
  • CDW avoids in-house investments in cost and staffing required for G Suite migration and other advanced support
  • Google is emerging as a highly sustainable, profitable, and growing sales channel for CDW