Security Assessment and Implementation

Best Practices to Improve Your Organization’s Security Posture

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Our comprehensive plan developed in partnership with Google provides everything you need to optimize, prepare, and monitor the security of your Google Workspace domain.

Reduce potential security risks, mitigate threats, and ensure your organization is fully compliant.

Implementation Strategy

A dedicated Google Certified Security Engineer will be assigned to your account, evaluating everything from your Google Workspace administrative controls and domain settings to points of access and security preparation. We’ll also work to ensure your organization meets any industry specific regulatory compliance requirements.

Post audit, you will receive a detailed summary and a scheduled call with your dedicated security rep to map
out a game plan on implementing the right security solutions for your organization.

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Access & Authentication

Auditing all internal and external entry points

Prepare and Monitor

Domain recovery, alerting, and monitoring

Service settings

Auditing individual Workspace service settings


Meet Industry specific Regulatory requirements

“With Google Workspace, we quickly became more productive and efficient. I found myself simply getting more done.”

Samir Patel
CEO, Oxyhealth


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Discuss your organizations security needs and potential holes along with with a comprehensive game plan to mitigate threats.

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