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Flexible, Scalable Workflows and Communications

Collaborate with your team in real-time. Create templates to copy for your common documents and contracts. Track hours, high-quality conferences, and work on the go.

Automate Work and Phone Calls

Create automatic workflows for your common tasks and with Virtual Receptionist, your firm can create easy routes to an associate’s extension. You can add on-hold music and set different rules for weekdays, weekends, court dates, holidays—even lunches.

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“Our UpCurve Cloud rep was great! We had a lot of emails and accounts to migrate and just as many questions. He made sure everything was addressed and that everyone was up and running right away.”

Guillermo Ortiz
Information Systems Manager, RK&M Law

Maintain Consistency Across Your Team

Instead of creating the same documents and contracts every time from scratch, create a template for your team to copy and use. Verify your sources and easily double-check information without having to leave your document.

Track Your Team’s Projects and Productivity

If you work with a team that isn’t always in the same office, easily keep track of schedules, appointments, meetings, and assignments. Use business intelligence to keep track of remote workers and make sure no one is doing the same work twice.

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