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Invest in the cloud and take your business into the 21st-Century

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Control Your Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a huge factor for financial solution platforms. When you migrate to our cloud systems, there’s no need for costly internal infrastructure like servers and storage systems. Resources are shared across offices for a level of redundancy that can be less expensive than traditional, premise-based systems.

Integrate Your Services for Better Intelligence

Provide faster and smarter service to bank customers and credit union members with screen pops that show real-time information including recent interactions. Accessing real-time client intelligence allows every agent the opportunity to provide targeted messaging that feels like helpful assistance.

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“With Google’s G Suite Business, we quickly became more productive and efficient. I found myself simply getting more done.”

Samir Patel
CEO, Oxyhealth

Customize and Automate Your Work Processes

Automatically log incoming and outgoing calls to client accounts. Capture call notes. Eliminate busy work. View real-time user activity reports. The more your institute knows, the more effectively your agents can build personal relationships to your financial brand.

Easily Collaborate and Share Assets

Share, collaborate, and approve documents and spreadsheets all in real-time. Easily talk over video chat. Keep everyone in the loop and make sure everyone has the latest assets. Meanwhile, you still enjoy top-level security.

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