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Google Cloud Next 2024 Recap: Everything That You Can Use in Your Business

Google's annual conference, Google Cloud Next, unveiled many valuable tools for businesses this year. The standout feature is Generative AI, a game-changer that Google has seamlessly integrated to boost productivity across its entire product lineup. Explore the latest innovations showcased at Google Cloud Next that are specifically tailored for businesses.   Data Analysis: Looker Studio Gets Easier to Use with AI  Looker Studio […]

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Free and Affordable Generative AI, Cybersecurity, and Other Courses for Your Team From Google Cloud 

AI is top-of-mind for every business right now. However, only some at your business may understand what it is and how to unlock it. Google Cloud is offering free “Introduction to Generative AI” courses to everyone who wants to learn more.  While some modules focus on Google products such as Vertex AI and Gemini, they provide easy-to-learn introductions to Large Language Models, how […]

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Gemini Business Plan Turbocharges Google Workspace With AI

Generative AI is all the craze, and its productivity benefits are endless. Google is enabling your business with this power through its Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise plans. Your team can now use AI to improve their writing, plan projects, generate original images, and so much more.  Gemini Business is priced competitively against premium ChatGPT apps, […]

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How Google’s Generative AI Can Transform Your Healthcare Business

At UpCurve Cloud, we’ve worked with the healthcare industry for nearly two decades to enable technology for better health outcomes and patient care. We’re standing at a new crossroads with Google’s rollout of Gemini, its generative AI platform, which will transform healthcare as we know it. Recently, Google shared important updates to its healthcare technology solutions including a personal […]

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