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Gemini Business Plan Turbocharges Google Workspace With AI

Generative AI is all the craze, and its productivity benefits are endless. Google is enabling your business with this power through its Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise plans. Your team can now use AI to improve their writing, plan projects, generate original images, and so much more.  Gemini Business is priced competitively against premium ChatGPT apps, […]

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How Google’s Generative AI Can Transform Your Healthcare Business

At UpCurve Cloud, we’ve worked with the healthcare industry for nearly two decades to enable technology for better health outcomes and patient care. We’re standing at a new crossroads with Google’s rollout of Gemini, its generative AI platform, which will transform healthcare as we know it. Recently, Google shared important updates to its healthcare technology solutions including a personal […]

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Google Workspace Adds New Comments Menu

As collaboration is a cornerstone of Google Workspace, comments play a vital role in the daily workflow of Workspace users. However, up until now, managing comments in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides has been quite challenging. The lack of versatility, difficulty in handling multiple comments, and the absence of an option to hide them have […]

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Google’s AI Suite Now Rebranded as Gemini With Added Security

Google’s AI suite, which previously contained the Bard and Duet apps, has been transformed and rebranded into one powerful tool: Gemini.  If you haven’t been using Google’s AI suite yet, now is the time. Along with the rebrand, Google Workspace users now enjoy enterprise-grade data protection, which can make you rest a bit easier about using AI […]

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Do More With Your Share Button in Google Workspace

Google Workspace loves sharing. The highly integrated suite was designed with collaboration in mind, bringing together all the different ways teams communicate into a single hub. Making meetings, sending emails, and sharing files - Google's flagship connectivity apps are constantly refining their features to enhance their sharing capabilities.  At the center of it all is your Share […]

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Troubleshooting Your Google Meeting

With over 300 million active monthly active users, Google Meet is one of the most popular video conferencing platforms. But how many users are making the most of the app?  We all know the frustration of a glitchy meeting; the sound is off, the video is blurry, the screen freezes. These quirks may be a minor […]

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