A Multi-State Ice Cream Operation with G Suite

Coolhaus uses G Suite and UpCurve Cloud to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth across the US

Coolhaus is an artisanal ice cream maker, founded in 2008 by two newly minted architects, Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, with walk-in shops across Southern California. It distributes products in gourmet grocery stores across 40 states, including Whole Foods Market.

Fans can also swing by one of the 10 Uniquely-branded mobile ice cream trucks and carts in Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas.


Since much of the Coolhaus team works out of trucks and in multiple states, mobility became key for daily operations. Therefore:

  • Current solutions didn’t provide mobile apps and limited flexibility
  • Searches for emails and attachments were often too burdensome
  • Substandard spam filtering and malicious content cluttered up inboxes
  • Corporate team needed quick instant messaging – without calls or emails
  • Separate, hassle-prone conference calling and screen sharing solutions for weekly team meetings needed to be replaced
  • Need flexible mobile apps to support daily team operations in trucks and in multiple states
  • Reduce spam and malicious content and improve email and attachment search capabilities
  • Improve remote communication and collaboration capabilities

“We love it! Definitely pleased with G Suite by Google Cloud overall and the price is right. It’s a great experience to be a part of the Google ecosystem.”

Natasha Case
Founder, Coolhaus


G Suite provided Coolhaus with most of the tools they needed to run their business right within the suite:

  • Access to email, calendar and documents on the go with mobile apps and web
  • Gmail for fast email and attachment search and advanced spam filtering
  • Chat for convenient, casual communication that increases team collaboration
  • Hangouts for easy access to group video and screen sharing through user inboxes that replaces current conference calling system and third party screen sharing app

Running a Mobile Business with G Suite by Google Cloud

  • Gmail provides advanced search queries and filters that let users zero-in on desired attachments and emails, and advanced spam filtering that virtually eliminates unwanted emails.
  • Google Chat delivers the convenience and casualness that spurs communication that wouldn’t normally happen, increasing sharing and collaboration across the team.
  • Google Hangouts is the biggest productivity booster, eliminating the need for both the conference calling system and the third party screen sharing app. Users could easily join a group video call and share screens with a few mouse clicks – all directly from their inbox.
  • G Suite Marketplace lets the company expand their toolset as they grow

UpCurve Cloud Implementation – Choosing the Right Migration Partner

  • Experienced little downtime and felt that the deployment went smoothly
  • Received hands-on, personalized support
  • Liked having a local resource for advice
  • Smooth deployment with little downtime
  • Local resource for advice and hands-on support
  • Fast, personalized phone support


  • Greatly benefited in both efficiency and productivity by switching to G Suite
  • Most of the tools Coolhaus needs to run the business are available in the suite
  • Familiarity with Google eased transition and increased user adoption
  • Ability to conveniently expand G Suite toolset as the company grows