A Breath of Fresh Air with UpCurve Cloud

Medical Manufacturer, OxyHealth, Turns To UpCurve Cloud to Deploy Zoho CRM & G Suite

OxyHealth is the world’s leading provider of hyperbaric chambers. Presently, OxyHealth is the pioneer of the industry with over 12,000 chambers in use, more than all other manufacturers combined, while at the forefront of superior performance, quality and cutting-edge design concepts that meet and/or exceed federal safety standards.


  • On-premise legacy systems – a huge bottleneck for growth and efficiency
  • High mobility – the sales team needed access from the office and on the go
  • Security – access to sales data had to be controlled
  • Tracking – communication tracked for internal and external policy compliance
  • Quick adoption – users needed solutions that had them up and running fast

Previous Solutions

  • Goldmine for CRM
  • Swishmail for email
  • Office 365 for documents
  • QuoteWerks for quotes & contracts
  • Quickbooks for accounting & invoices
  • On-premise PBX for telephony

“From the time I first contacted UpCurve Cloud, we were up and running within a week. Another high note was how available and approachable the UpCurve consulting team was during the transition period.”

Samir Patel
CEO, OxyHealth


G Suite by Google Cloud + Zoho CRM

  • Deploy Android devices provisioned with Zoho CRM mobile app and Chrome browser
  • Limit database edit/delete privileges to one person, prevent mobile downloads of contact info, and recommends securing mobile devices and website access with Clutch Mobile
  • Implement G Suite for automated email tracking, calendar synching, and native integration with Zoho CRM through user’s Gmail inbox

UpCurve Cloud Implementation

  • One-week implementation
  • High availability of UpCurve Cloud consulting team during transition
  • On-site training sessions
  • Substantial post-implementation support

UpCurve Cloud Helps Overcome Challenges…

  • Expedited Service – OxyHealth’s atypically structured data was causing serious problems with duplication when they tried to migrate their data to Zoho CRM.
  • Highly MobileSales Team – Travel had become a regular part of OxyHealth’s sales process. Staff needed to input and review data or manage tasks on the road at any hour. They required a cloud-based CRM to perform at their best.
  • Security – As a firm regulated by the FDA, it was mandatory that OxyHealth’s email communication be accurately tracked. It was also important to make OxyHealth’s contacts more secure.
  • Communication Tracking – Tracking email communication is critical for OxyHealth to ensure quality of service, sales optimization, and FDA oversight.
  • There was lots of manual work required to accurately associate emails to records.
  • Adoption – CEO, Samir Patel, made training a high priority and knew that success would depend on how well his workforce adopted the new tools.

…and Brings Solutions to the Table

  • Onsite Consulting – UpCurve Cloud was able to go on-site with 2 consultants within days and plan, consult, deploy and train the team on Zoho CRM on a short notice.
  • Zoho CRM + Mobile App – Zoho CRM was implemented and customized with OxyHealth’s workflow mapped. UpCurve Cloud also recommended
  • Android smartphones and tablets provisioned with Zoho CRM mobile app
  • Custom Profiles + Clutch Mobile – Control was funneled to one person to maintain database security. Contact sync to mobile devices was disabled.
  • Clutch Mobile was recommended to secure mobile devices and modulate website access.
  • G Suite + Email Integration – G Suite was implemented giving OxyHealth automated email tracking which logs all email communication and provides single-click accessibility to Zoho CRM functions within Gmail inbox.
  • Training – UpCurve Cloud delivered two on-site “Zoho CRM 101” and one “Mobile App” training. UpCurve Cloud also provided substantial post-implementation support to address last minute questions, problem solves, and streamline the transition.


  • Quick improvements in productivity and efficiency\
  • Fast, enthusiastic user adoption
  • Ability to work everywhere, not just in the office