Rightful Tools for a Historic Practice

G Suite by Google Cloud helps RK&M Law stay in sync with clients – and each other

Serving Injured Californians Since 1936

It’s a mission that’s made Rose, Klein & Marias, LLP (RK&M Law) a pioneer in advocacy for the injured. In 1975, it represented the first workers seeking compensation for asbestos exposure in California courts, and it’s a leader in the development of California workers’ compensation laws. Today, over 100 attorneys and legal professionals are breaking new legal ground on behalf of injured Californians.

Rose, Klein & Marias is a law firm that has served injured people in Southern California since its birth, in 1936. With its 40+ attorneys in 11 locations, Rose, Klein & Marias has helped thousands of people obtain the compensation they needed to move forward with their lives.


  • Ensure reliable email and document access everywhere – on the road, with the client, or in court
  • Provide easy-to-use, easy-to-access collaboration and communication tools for attorneys, staff, and clients
  • Save time and expense in managing emails, shared calendars, casework, and more

“Our UpCurve Cloud rep was great! We had a lot of emails and accounts to migrate and just as many questions. He made sure everything was addressed and that everyone was up and running right away.”

Guillermo Ortiz
Information Systems Manager, RK&M Law


Google G Suite Implementation

  • Gmail for fast, simple, and anywhere email access – no backups, forwarding to Outlook, or missed emails
  • Calendar for civil litigation teams to keep attorneys, staff, and clients in sync with cases, deposition dates, hearings, and each other
  • Drive for document sharing and case collaboration between staff attorneys, outside counsel, and expert witnesses
  • Chat for easy, secure, and instant communication that connects office locations

UpCurve Cloud Implementation

  • Referred directly by Google as a highly experienced and cost-effective Google partner
  • Remotely connected to over 100 attorney and staff workstations to set up Google accounts and migrate emails
  • Avoided work disruptions and maintained employee email access during migration
  • Controlled G Suite implementation costs – no support required after migration


  • Real-time email and document access from any location and on any device
  • Improved team collaboration between offices, outside counsel, and experts
  • Faster, more effective client communication

Making a 90’s-Era Email System History

POP3 is not a back-in-the-day boy band – it’s a back-in-the-day email service – and RK&M Law isn’t exactly nostalgic:

  • Attorneys on the road would have to forward emails to see them in Outlook
  • Emails often display as new on a user’s desktop even after being opened on their smartphone
  • Backups had to be done manually on over 100 individual workstations
  • Disruptions in email access were routine – from 2 to 5 times a month

“Everything worked as soon as UpCurve Cloud completed the migration and we didn’t need any ongoing support. And whenever we do have a question we get a response quickly.”

Upgrading the Email – And the Practice

Replacing the email system was the immediate priority for RK&M Law – but by replacing it with G Suite – they got a whole lot more:

  • Gmail is always in sync and available from any location using any device
  • Calendar shares staff work and trial calendars with those who need them
  • Chat connects staff and attorneys in offices across California
  • Drive lets attorneys securely share and edit legal drafts and documents

Getting the Google Support RK&M Law Needs – From UpCurve Cloud

They asked Google about migrating to G Suite – Google recommended UpCurve Cloud:

  • Ensured a smooth, cost-effective transition to G Suite
  • Moved emails and accounts stored on over 100 individual workstations
  • Completed migration processes remotely without disrupting business