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Sharing Encrypted Files With Google Workspace Just Got Easier

Google has just announced another step forward in its security offerings, allowing external users to securely collaborate on files in Google Drive with client-side encryption. Now, people outside of your organization can access your encrypted Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides that you want to share with them with a simple pincode. This is much more […]

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Access Being Removed to Google Workspace for Less Secure Apps

Starting on September 30, third-party apps that only use your Google username and password to authenticate will be unable to access any apps on your Google Workspace account. Microsoft will also be removing cloud access on to Gmail inboxes.  Both moves are reflective of increased authentication measures designed to restrict access to email and […]

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Google Cloud Next 2024 Recap: Everything That You Can Use in Your Business

Google's annual conference, Google Cloud Next, unveiled many valuable tools for businesses this year. The standout feature is Generative AI, a game-changer that Google has seamlessly integrated to boost productivity across its entire product lineup. Explore the latest innovations showcased at Google Cloud Next that are specifically tailored for businesses.   Data Analysis: Looker Studio Gets Easier to Use with AI  Looker Studio […]

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