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Using Templates in Google Workspace

Even regular Google Workspace users can overlook the time-saving brilliance of templates. This under-appreciated tool is a powerful efficiency hack that makes regularly used content such as order forms, agendas, and client letters easier to create. It’s available across all Workspace apps too - allowing you to use and customize templates in Docs, Sheets, Slides, […]

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Practical Uses of Duet AI in Google Workspace for Your Business

As the name suggests, Duet AI was designed to work in tandem with businesses - leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to save them time, resources, and stress. Google's AI toolkit, Duet aims to make this emerging technology accessible to all companies, from large national firms to small and medium-sized enterprises.  Duet is best […]

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Onboarding New Hires & Upgrading Skills: Google Workspace Training

Technology doesn't come naturally to everyone. Some employees struggle to pick up the basics of working in the cloud, and even the most experienced need time to adjust when given new tools. Training is vital for your team's success, but it can also be time-consuming, costly, and resource-intensive. That's where Google Workspace Training comes in. This extensive […]

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UpCurve Cloud Receives Virtru Vanguard Award for Innovation and Leadership in Cybersecurity

Annual Awards Highlight Forward-Thinking Data Security Strategies WASHINGTON, Dec. 12, 2023 – UpCurve Cloud was today announced as a winner in the inaugural Virtru Vanguard Awards, which celebrate Innovation and leadership in data protection, privacy and sovereignty. The Virtru Vanguard Awards honor Virtru customers and partners who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and innovative thinking in […]

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How Google Cloud Can Help Your Business Reach Its ESG Goals

Google’s AI tools go beyond helping businesses improve their workflows and maximize their resources. They’re also assisting organizations in becoming more sustainable. Following the launch of the Google Cloud Ready Sustainability program last year, the software giant is now harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to drive company environmental initiatives - using its ability to securely sort and […]

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Getting Passkeys for your Google Account

In case you missed it, October was Cybersecurity Awareness Month in the US, but security should be a year-round concern for your organization. Cybercrime surged this year, fueled by advances in emerging technologies and the widespread availability of these tools on the dark web. For businesses that don’t have the expertise or the equipment to keep up with […]

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How to Clean Up Your Gmail

How many emails are sitting in your inbox right now? If the question alone makes your stress levels soar, you may have a problem. Digital clutter is just as bad for our mental health as actual clutter. It's distracting, it's anxiety-producing, and it's exhausting. An overflowing inbox takes its toll on your peace of mind and productivity.  […]

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