AI is top-of-mind for every business right now. However, only some at your business may understand what it is and how to unlock it. Google Cloud is offering free “Introduction to Generative AI” courses to everyone who wants to learn more. 

While some modules focus on Google products such as Vertex AI and Gemini, they provide easy-to-learn introductions to Large Language Models, how to use AI responsibly, and how to use AI in your business to unlock new opportunities. Every learner will come out with a more grounded understanding of AI and how to ethically use it. Additionally, the lessons learned will apply to any AI solutions, even if they’re not Google’s. 

Affordable paid learning opportunities from Google in data analytics and cybersecurity 

Businesses run on data and need to protect themselves from cyber threats. This is true of any company, no matter how large or small. And your team needs to upskill to learn the basics of both. 

Google is offering a Google Cloud Data Analytics Certificate and a Google Cloud Cybersecurity Certificate for the low price of $29/month per user for the time it takes to do the courses. The courses have no prerequisites and offer learners the skills they need to perform basic tasks in both areas. They are delivered through Google Cloud Skills Boost, Google’s skills development platform for Google Cloud technologies. 

As with the free Generative AI courses, they may focus on Google technologies, but the lessons they impart apply to many other solutions. If you plan on having your employees work with Generative AI, the Data Analytics certificate is particularly useful as they will learn to work with large datasets that they may need to analyze with Generative AI tools. 

While the courses are designed for individual learners to beef up their resumes, they are just as useful for businesses that want to make sure key personnel understand the basics of these two crucial areas. They’re especially helpful for managers who may be responsible for hiring vendors to manage your company’s cybersecurity, marketers who need to get a better grasp of data analytics, and as refresher courses for your IT department. 

Additionally, even if your team members do not have the time to work towards a certificate, they can pick and choose the courses they want to take that will best suit their needs. 


Data Analytics Certificate 

This certificate teaches the learner the skills they need to become a cloud data analyst. There are five modules, fifteen labs, and other graded assessments. The modules include:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics in Google Cloud
  • Data Management and Storage in the Cloud
  • Data Transformation in the Cloud
  • The Power of Storytelling: Visualizing Data in the Cloud


Cybersecurity Certificate 

The cybersecurity certificate is meant to prepare learners to become cloud cybersecurity analysts. The modules include:

  • Introduction to Security Principles in Cloud Computing
  • Strategies for Cloud Security Risk Management 
  • Cloud Security Risks: Identify and Protect Against Threats
  • Detect, Respond, & Recover from Cybersecurity Attacks 


You will find the same content for a much higher price tag at post-secondary institutions. Even if members of your staff don’t complete each course, they will still learn vital skills about technologies that may not have been around when they were in school. 


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