Generative AI is all the craze, and its productivity benefits are endless. Google is enabling your business with this power through its Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise plans. Your team can now use AI to improve their writing, plan projects, generate original images, and so much more. 

Gemini Business is priced competitively against premium ChatGPT apps, with the bonus that all tools are accessible within Docs, Sheets, Slides and Meet. 

Gemini is Google’s AI program and was previously called Duet AI. As with everything at Google, its rollout to Google Workspace apps was done with an intense focus on cybersecurity and organizational security. All of your data stays within Workspace and is not used to train any of Google’s AI models. 

What you can do with Gemini Business 

Gemini Business brings the power of AI into everyday work by making it available in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet. These are just some of the things it can help you do: 

  • Access to Gemini Ultra
    Google's advanced chatbot (
  • Gmail
    Drafts full replies, adds contextual assistance​
  • Google Slides
    Generates images for presentations from text prompts​
  • Google Sheets
    Understands cell data context, helps organize plans​
  • Google Meet
    Enhanced audio and video, generative video call backgrounds
  • Google Docs
    AI powered writing experience with building blocks
  • Dev Tools
    Real-time code assistance, supports multiple languages​

This means that people who are currently using ChatGPT-powered apps separately won’t need to do that anymore; now all of the features they are used to are available directly in Google Workspace, with the heightened security that their work won’t be used to train large language models. 

Gemini Business also brings a number of features to Google Meet, including translated captions, automatic background image generators, and studio look to make you look better in meetings. 

When you may need Gemini Enterprise

Gemini Business will meet the needs of most business users. If you require heavier usage without monthly limits or are interested in some of the more advanced meet features, consider the Enterprise edition. You can find a detailed breakdown of the features here.

Who on my staff should have this? 

Since Gemini Business is designed to reduce the time tasks take across the entire ecosystem of Google Workspace, it is a small investment to make in your business. 

There may be a temptation to only roll this out for select users who are content-heavy in their production, but realistically it should be accessible by everyone in your organization. If you do want to select a target group of users to test it out, we would suggest:

  • High-level management and executives
  • Sales and marketing staff
  • Frontline staff, such as customer service and support

How to implement Gemini Business and Enterprise

To implement it, administrators need to subscribe each user that wants it into Gemini Business, which costs $20 per user per month. First, you need to purchase the required licenses and assign them to individual users in the Google Admin Console. Alternatively, you can contact your vendor to manage all of this for you. 

How does it stack up against ChatGPT-powered apps?

There are two reasons you want Gemini Business over separate applications: security and native use within Google apps. 

While native use within Google apps is a huge timesaver in many ways, the security consideration is definitely the largest. If your staff use different ChatGPT-powered apps to craft sensitive proposals, documentation, or business communications, all of that data goes into large data models to train them. While this doesn’t mean your data is directly accessible to a competitor, it is still a significant security and reputational risk. 

Google was late to market with its generative AI solutions because it wanted to roll it out in a secure, easy-to-use way that would protect personal and business data. Your content won’t be used for other customers, all of your organizational data protections are automatically applied, and all of your interactions with Gemini stay within your business. 

Gemini Business represents the next evolution of work, and it is a small price to pay to open up the possibilities of AI in your organization. 

UpCurve Cloud has been a premier Google Partner for decades. There is no better choice to roll out generative AI across your organization than us. Contact us today to get started. 


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