Google’s generative AI platform, Duet AI, has been getting much attention lately thanks to its widespread appeal as an AI collaborator that can help you write reports, prepare presentations, summarize documents, set agendas, and more. But Duet AI is more than a handy office assistant. It’s a powerful tool that can take data management to the next level, providing more ways to search, categorize and analyze key business metrics quickly.

The importance of data analytics

Research shows that companies who know how to interpret and use their data correctly see better business outcomes; 75% of executives surveyed recently for the Harvard Business Review said that having a data-driven culture was very or extremely important to their organization’s overall success. 

It’s not always easy to implement analytics. However, many businesses simply don’t have the time, staff, or resources to invest in this crucial area fully. Introducing automation in the form of generative AI offers these organizations an efficient and streamlined way to turn business insights into action.

Google’s AI-driven analytics 

The most recent Google Next conference was all about AI. The Google team showed off Duet’s growing capabilities in several areas and hinted at its wider uptake throughout the Google ecosystem.

Firmly established across Workspace, Duet is now being integrated into other tools and is currently undergoing preview mode in Google’s powerful data analytics platform, BigQuery, in the form of BigQuery Studio.

Newly launched last month, BigQuery Studio brings all stages of the analytics lifecycle into a single platform. Instead of juggling multiple tools to collect, transfer, and process data, analysts can consolidate everything within the same hub, producing significant time savings.

The end-to-end platform includes a notebook interface where users can browse and autocomplete datasets and work with structured and unstructured data in various formats and from different cloud platforms.

Duet fits neatly into this collaborative environment, helping users generate, complete, and explain SQL queries using natural language prompts. This removes the need for complex code or advanced knowledge of SQL syntax - helping users extract the information they need quickly and easily, as well as offering suggestions for enhanced analytics. In the Duet chatbox, users can get real-time guidance and find what they’re looking for within seconds.

Still in preview mode, Google warns that Duet AI in BigQuery needs further refinement and cautions users to validate its outputs. As it rolls out testing, Google is gathering feedback from early adopters who have to sign up to access the preview.

AI adoption

AI is one of the biggest emerging trends in data analytics - according to a recent Gartner survey, 79% of corporate strategists believe that AI and analytics will be crucial for business success in the immediate future.

In this rapidly evolving market, businesses that aren’t drilling down on data risk losing their competitive edge. With Big Query Studio and Duet AI, Google aims to give even small businesses a chance to compete, making AI widely available and accessible to organizations of all sizes and all capacities.

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