Offices are quickly moving into an era where employees don’t just work on computers; they work with computers. 

Since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, businesses have been waking up to the power and possibility of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) - AI that generates responses based on prompts. And those using Google Cloud have been ahead of the curve.

Google is helping its customers explore AI with a raft of new applications to improve customer service, enhance workflows, and save them time and money. With Google making this emerging technology accessible for businesses of all sizes and sectors, those who haven’t yet embraced these new tools risk falling behind.

Generative AI for Business

Improve customer service

Many organizations now use generative AI to interact with customers, providing them a better experience while saving costs at the back end. 

Answering queries, filling orders, and making recommendations - AI gives customers a more personalized experience in their conversations with companies, crafting accurate and valuable responses that move the customer along the buyer’s journey.

And by automating customer service, companies can maximize their resources, freeing up service staff for more valuable, high-priority tasks.

Travel agent Priceline uses Google’s generative AI to create a travel assistant chatbot that helps customers plan their trips and allows them to book their flights, accommodation, and other items directly from the chat window. 

Grabbing a burger? You might be ordering from an AI waiter if you stop by Wendy’s drive-thru. The fast food giant has used Google Cloud to develop Wendy’s FreshAI, a program that offers automated ordering to replace the traditional drive-thru window. 

But it’s not just the private sector adding AI to its customer services. The public sector has also adopted the technology, with New York State using AI to modernize its call center services and the City of Dearborn using AI so customers can browse its website in multiple languages.

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AI-powered editing and writing

Writing doesn’t always come naturally. When your human staff struggles with a creative block, Google’s AI tools can inspire - producing presentations, drafting reports, brainstorming ideas for marketing campaigns, and more. 

Google’s Duet AI is an AI collaborator that’s available across Workspace in applications like Docs, Slides, and Gmail. It can perform routine tasks instantly so your staff doesn’t waste time drafting emails, pouring through reports, or painstakingly creating presentations. Share a few details with Duet; the generative AI will produce summaries, emails, images, and other content within minutes.

Design studio Canva uses Google’s AI tools to help users in multiple languages, offering instant translation of presentations, posters, social media posts, and more. New York clothing line Adore Me has also used the technology to generate production copy in Docs and Gmail.  

Make workflows more efficient

Automating everyday workflows with Google’s generative AI can help companies see immediate savings and position them for growth with the ability to quickly and easily scale up.

Every organization has its efficiency blindspots. AI can fill those gaps, boosting productivity and ensuring your top talent is reserved for more than just writing emails and analyzing reports. Experts predict that generative AI can automate activities that take up 60-70% of an employee’s time, adding $2.6 trillion annually to the global economy. 

Deutsche Bank was one of the first in the financial services sector to incorporate Google’s generative AI into its processes and now uses the technology to “significantly reduce the time it takes to perform banking operations and financial analysts’ tasks, empowering employees by increasing their productivity while helping to safeguard customer data privacy, data integrity, and system security.”

Leaders from the financial sector, healthcare, transportation, and the public sector have embraced generative AI throughout their organizations. Still, you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company or public institution to take advantage of these innovative solutions. From DuetAI to Vertex AI, Google offers AI applications for every level of expertise and works with companies wherever they are in their AI journey.

“Customers continue to amaze us with their ideas and creativity, and we look forward to continuing to help them discover their paths forward with generative AI,” Google CEO Thomas Kurian commented recently, “ As we gather more feedback from our customers and users, we will continue to bring innovations to market, to enable organizations of every size and industry to increase efficiency, connect with customers in new ways, and unlock entirely new revenue streams.”

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