This year, Google’s Annual Security Summit is right on-trend. Taking place against geopolitical conflict, economic turmoil, and overstretched supply chains, security is top of mind for businesses across the board.

So it’s no surprise that the tech giant took the opportunity to unveil three new features designed with security in mind. The updates address supply chain vulnerabilities, data privacy, and overall risk reduction.

Google’s new cybersecurity tools

Assured Open Source

Google’s new Assured Open Source software aims to strengthen the security of open-source software (OSS) supply chains. It gives businesses access to the same OSS packages Google uses in its developer workflows. 

This allows enterprises to piggyback off Google’s comprehensive security infrastructure without the expense and headache of creating their own OOS cybersecurity tools. 

Google’s high-level OSS packages are regularly scanned and tested for entry points and gaps in their defenses. They’re also verified by Google and distributed from an artifact registry maintained by the company.

Assured OSS is expected to enter the preview stage by Q3 of this year.

BeyondCorp Enterprise Essentials

With this zero trust solution, businesses can be confident that only approved users can access all their applications and resources. The BeyondCorp Enterprise Essentials is a threat detection and data protection platform that offers end-to-end coverage.

Features include:

  • Identity and context-aware access control - allowing businesses to customize their own access controls based on factors like user identity and device health. You can even create protected profiles for external agents such as contractors and clients.
  • Integrated threat and data protection - protection against malware and phishing attacks with real-time alerts and threat reports built into the Chrome browser. 
  • Support across your entire infrastructure, whether you work in the cloud, on-premises, or under a hybrid model. 

BeyondCorp Enterprise is seamlessly added to a company’s existing tech stack, with no additional integrations needed, and it’s easy to scale up as the business grows. The software is available in two versions - the basic BeyondCorp Enterprise Essentials and the more advanced BeyondCorp Enterprise.

While both offer the features outlined above, the more advanced package extends the scope of the context-aware access control to cover not just SaaS apps but also client-server apps, third-party apps, and APIs. 

Security Foundation

As the name suggests, Security Foundation is a general package designed to help businesses strengthen their overall security infrastructure and practice better risk reduction. It’s an out-of-the-box security framework that contains Google Cloud recommended products and security capabilities.

The primary benefit of this new product is cost. Implementing a ready-made package allows businesses to get instant and extensive cybersecurity coverage without investing in each product separately and building their defenses piece-by-piece. 

This is a great way for businesses to step up their security as they migrate at the start of their cloud adoption. Enterprises get all the robust security tools and features of Google Cloud across their digital architecture, from network security and monitoring to threat detection and access controls.

Strengthen security with UpCurve Cloud

If your business needs a security makeover, or you’re wondering how to implement any of Google Cloud’s security suite, UpCurve Cloud can help.

A Google Cloud Premier partner, UpCurve Cloud, has developed a cybersecurity plan with Google that allows you to secure and monitor everything in your Google Workspace domain. 

Our team of dedicated Google Certified Security Engineers will perform a security audit of your account and map out a strategy for reducing risk and ensuring your company meets any industry specific regulatory compliance requirements. Contact us today to find out more. 

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