Running a business inevitably means dealing with confidential data. Whether you're migrating files across different departments, creating sensitive documents for senior management, or just concerned about data privacy issues, it's helpful to control who has access to what.

To combat this, Google has released an important new feature for Google Drive. Initially introduced to counter online harassment and annoying spam, this handy control allows users to block others from accessing or sharing files.

Now, if you're working on a Google document intended for CEO eyes only, you can easily block others in your organization from viewing it. The new feature will stop blocked accounts from accessing any files you previously shared with them and remove their files from your drive.

This would allow you to remove former clients or employees with external access from your drive, ensuring they can't view, edit, or share material they no longer need. Blocked accounts will also be prevented from interacting with you across other Google services and apps such as Chat and Meet.

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Secure cloud storage and Google shared drives

It's almost impossible to overstate the importance of cybersecurity. Online privacy and data protection are much more than internet buzzwords. They're at the heart of any effective and responsible content management system.

Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) has long been recognized as a leader in this field with regular security updates and multi-layered privacy features that minimize risk and ensure your content is wholly under your control.

Google shared drives don't just help you secure your data, they streamline it too. While they operate in the same way as My Drive, each file in a shared drive is owned by the organization rather than its individual creator. This allows for more structured and secure content management – giving admins the ability to ring-fence content by creating separate drives for separate teams.

Employees can create and edit files while management decides where those files are located, who has access to them, and how they should be grouped and shared. This eliminates the need to individually block certain users with the new feature, as you can exclude them from the shared drive altogether.

How to set up shared folders in Google Drive

Are you tired of disparate departments cluttering up your platforms? Clean up your content with shared folders. These will allow you to categorize and organize your files according to the project or team. And every team member will then be able to see at a glance what's in progress, what's completed, and what requires their attention. 

The Google Workspace Learning Center has a helpful how-to to get you started creating your own shared drives and folders. However, if your organization needs hands on support, get in touch with UpCurve Cloud for a tailor-made solution carefully crafted to meet your current and future needs. As a Google Cloud Partner, UpCurve Cloud is highly experienced in integrating and adapting Google's full software suite to all business platforms and tools.

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