Crafting emails and documents in Google Workspace is poised to get a whole lot easier as Google adds new Artificial Intelligence tools for Gmail and Docs.

Never get lost for words again with the newly launched feature, which allows users to create text using generative AI. Just type in whatever topic you're writing about e.g. the benefits of remote working, and the application will generate a first draft. In Gmail, the tool will help draft template emails or standard replies, providing a quick and easy way to push out a thank you note or a team message. 

Of course, you can modify and tweak those drafts as needed with an AI helping hand. The tool will automatically assist you as you refine your draft, adjusting its suggestions to help you say exactly what you want to say.

Not hitting the right tone? No problem. You can select a more formal tone of voice, suitable for a business presentation or a note to a client, or mix it up with the 'I'm feeling lucky' option.

The upgrade is a timesaver for busy teams, allowing them to instantly transform hastily jotted notes or lists into a concise and readable email or document. Shorten your notes, elaborate on them, or turn them into a formatted list - the AI does it all, saving you the headache of carefully crafting every word.

When can I start using Google's new AI tool?

Still in the early phases, the upgrade is only being rolled out to trusted Google testers for now, but the company says it will soon launch AI-powered capabilities across the entire Workspace platform to help users streamline how they communicate, collaborate, and create.

If you're impatient to get started, you can jump on AI-powered writing by adding ChatGPT to your Google Workspace. By downloading and installing the GPT For Sheets and Docs plugin, users can get all the functionality of ChatGPT in their documents as they work. 

When used in Docs, the GPT tool can generate document outlines, help create blog posts, summarize your notes and/or help you rewrite awkward-sounding copy. 

The tool is also available in Sheets as a handy way to clean and standardize data to save time processing large volumes of data. 

The new and improved AI Workspace

"Workspace's mission is to meaningfully connect people so they can create, build and grow together — and advances in generative AI are allowing us to deliver on this mission in new ways," said Johanna Voolich Wright, Vice President, Product, Google Workspace. "When it comes to delivering the full potential of generative AI across Workspace, we're just getting started."

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