At UpCurve Cloud, we’ve worked with the healthcare industry for nearly two decades to enable technology for better health outcomes and patient care. We’re standing at a new crossroads with Google’s rollout of Gemini, its generative AI platform, which will transform healthcare as we know it. Recently, Google shared important updates to its healthcare technology solutions including a personal health Large Language Model (LLM) and new functionality for MedLM, its suite of healthcare AI tools. 

Chest X-Ray introduced to MedLM 

MedLM is a family of foundation models fine-tuned for healthcare and life sciences. The models help healthcare and life sciences organizations do things like assist workflows in pre-clinical research, help physicians with creating clear medical notes, and improve the patient experience. 

Recently, Google introduced MedLM for Chest X-ray, which will assist radiology workflows by classifying chest x-rays for a number of use cases. This will allow for faster diagnosis of critical heart and lung conditions. 

Furthering assistive tools for clinicians: AMIE

health ai convo - UpCurve Cloud

Google recently released the results of its research into development of an AI system for diagnostic medical reasoning and conversations. The Articulate Medical Intelligence Explorer (AMIE). It performed admirably in testing, with high diagnostic accuracy and superior performance from the perspective of specialist physicians. While it will never be a substitute for human conversations, it will eventually be a groundbreaking tool for people who lack sufficient access to physicians.

Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise for Google Workspace

While all of the above applications are groundbreaking and inspiring, there is another which will transform the administrative side of the healthcare industry: Gemini Business. This add-on for Google Workspace will help refine writing, generate original images for presentations, and reduce the time it takes to create reports and project plans. It does it all from within Google Workspace apps, so your staff never need to leave Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Meet to take advantage of its full capabilities. 

UpCurve Cloud is fully aware of HIPAA standards which apply to the technology you use, and can make sure that both your Google Workspace and Gemini installations are compliant. Part of what makes Gemini Business secure and HIPAA-compliant is its compartmentalization of information; it does not train any AI models and always rests securely in your Gemini instance alone. 

There’s been lots of talk about AI from investors and tech industry leaders; Google is taking meaningful steps to accelerate its adoption so that it can legitimately start transforming healthcare. 

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