Google continues expanding its AI offerings with new Gemini features coming to Google Workspace and the Gmail mobile app. 

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See more context with a longer in-app window 

Using AI contextually in everyday applications is the core reason users are signing up for Gemini for Google Workspace. Your staff no longer has to click off to another application to use AI functions; they can access them all within Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Gmail.

Google has upgraded the core Gemini engine to Gemini 1.5 for this in-app use and expanded the context window so you can see more within it. Gemini can answer more and do more - such as generating summaries of a series of emails, pulling out important action items, and suggesting the prompts you may want to use for everyday activities. 


Expected Rollout: This function will be available in June 2024 for Gemini for Google Workspace users, available now for Workspace Labs and Gemini for Google Workspace Alpha users. Most businesses will be using the Gemini for Google Workspace plan. 


Gmail for mobile app

If quite a bit of your business is done on the road, or you like to open up your app to check your inbox, you’ll get the power of Gemini in-app very soon. The app will offer email summaries, which is very handy if you have a long thread with multiple people. 

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Contextual smart replies and Q&As are also in the works. Contextual smart replies are an upgrade to the “Smart Compose” that we’ve all been enjoying in Gmail, which autocompletes sentences and suggests words while you are composing an email in the app. These suggestions will become more nuanced and detailed. 

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Gmail Q&A will act like an AI-powered search and personal assistant for your email. It will give you options, such as suggest a reply, and then write a reply for you. 


Expected Rollout: Email summaries will be available for Gemini for Workspace users in June. Contextual smart replies and Gmail Q&A don’t have a timeline for Gemini for Workspace users, but will be available to Workspace Labs users in July. 



Help me write expanding to Google Workspace in more languages

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Google Docs and Gmail are getting automatic support in “Help Me Write” for Spanish and Portuguese on desktop, with additional languages coming over time. This will open up the “Help Me Write” functionality for people writing emails and documents in these languages. 


Expected Rollout: June 2024


Protip for all Gmail users: Check “Updates” more 

Another minor update that Google is rolling out to all Gmail users is putting emails which it considers less important into your “Updates” folder. If you’re like most Gmail users, you probably check this tab once a day - you may want to step that up while this feature is rolling out, and assign rules to emails coming from important senders to ensure they always end up in your Priority Inbox. 


In order to take advantage of these features, you will need to add Gemini for Google Workspace to your existing Google Workspace plan as an add-on. The pricing is user-based, and not all users in your organization need to have it. Contact us to find out how you can enhance your business productivity with Gemini. 

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