Technology doesn't come naturally to everyone. Some employees struggle to pick up the basics of working in the cloud, and even the most experienced need time to adjust when given new tools.

Training is vital for your team's success, but it can also be time-consuming, costly, and resource-intensive. That's where Google Workspace Training comes in. This extensive resource meets staff where they are, offering everything from beginner-level to advanced training for Google Workspace users. 

Free and easily accessible, Google's Workspace Learning Center is an invaluable tool for businesses who need to get their staff quickly up to speed. It can be integrated into onboarding processes and ongoing training sessions to ensure every team member is fully proficient with all Google applications and tools. 

A Guide to Google Workspace Training 

Onboarding new employees into Workspace

A streamlined onboarding process is necessary for busy companies who need more time for new employees to learn the ropes leisurely. 

New Workspace users can hit the ground running with Google guides that follow an onboarding timeline. Day one covers the initial set-up of the essentials - your Chrome browser, Gmail, and Calendar. New users are walked through activities, including creating your first Google Meet, setting your Gmail preferences, and creating bookmarks.

Google lays out these items in a checkbox format so new employees can work through the steps in order and ensure they take advantage of everything small but important, such as how to set your work hours in Calendar or using the Gmail search function.

Some of these basics may be familiar to experienced Google users. These employees can easily navigate through the categories to hone in on their own skill gaps or decide where they need a refresher.

Once the Day One list is completed, onboarded employees can move on to the Week 1 program - Google's in-depth guide to setting up mobile devices and customizing Gmail and Calendar.

Week 2 covers communication, looking at how to use apps like Chat to connect with other users. The theme for Week 3 is sharing and collaboration with a focus on managing Drive and Docs for easier file sharing.

Week 4 addresses project management, diving into tools like Google Sheets and Slides. Week 5 is the final step, in which users learn to maximize their productivity by working smarter and faster in common applications such as Docs and Gmail.

Targeted training

Of course, companies can move through only some of the five-week program with every new hire. Managers should assess the recruit's comfort level with Workspace before tailoring their training to their skills. 

Google allows leaders to customize their training with instruction on specific solutions, so if someone is very familiar with Docs but not quite as comfortable creating a table in Google Sheets, they can simply focus their training on that product in particular.

This is useful not just for new employees, but any staff member who needs targeted training. An employee may move to another team that uses different Google tools, or your organization could adopt a new application to update its workflows. Whatever the situation, those employees need to be fully trained on their new tools to stay productive amid the changes. 

Learning materials are available for every Google Workspace product, under the 'Learn by Product' tab in the Learning Center. 

Tips and tricks for advanced Workspace users

Training isn't a one-and-done concept; it's a continual development process for even the most long-standing employees in your organization. 

Google's learning resources include not just training on specific products but also advanced productivity hacks to help your employees make the most of the tools available to them.

These include tips on building better communication - covering how to simplify brainstorming sessions by setting up shared drives and email groups, going paperless with online forms and project plans, and how to filter and analyze large volumes of data.

Google also includes resources on how to maximize hybrid workplaces, using Workplace tools to connect with the office from anywhere. Topics include training hybrid employeesmanaging remote teams, and working with people who aren't on Workspace. 

Training for success

The Google ecosystem of Workspace applications is built around communication and collaboration, but tools are only as effective as the people using them. Make sure your team is set for success with targeted training that facilitates their workflows, bridges their individual skill gaps, and puts them on a pathway to greater career success.

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