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Building A Marketing Dashboard For Your Small Business With Google Cloud Platform

Small businesses operate on tight budgets and need to know the return on investment for every cent. When it comes to marketing, however, those calculations aren’t always easy. Quantifying the impact of promotional campaigns, product launches, social media, and other marketing initiatives requires sophisticated analytics that track a number of metrics, from engagement to conversion. […]

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New Update to Google Docs Makes Formatting Quicker & Easier

During the busy working day, every second counts. That's why Google always introduces new shortcuts and time-saving tools to help Workspace users maximize their productivity. The latest update to Google Docs is no exception, offering users a way to quickly create and format a whole range of documents, from meeting notes and emails, to tables and charts. […]

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Navigating Google Drive and Docs Sharing

Google Workspace has always positioned itself as the ultimate solution for collaborative working among busy teams. It doesn't matter whether your employees are together in-person, working remotely, or a hybrid model somewhere between the two. Workspace makes it easy for them to collaborate with each other and external partners seamlessly. So why can't you share your […]

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Duet AI for Google Workspace - Everything You Need to Know

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the buzzword of the moment, with tech giants rushing to market the latest AI-driven application. Behind the hype, Google is working to responsibly integrate the technology into everyday tools like Google Workspace - making offices more efficient, cost-effective, and innovative. Duet AI for Google Workspace After a soft launch in May, Google's Duet […]

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Get More From Your Data With Google’s Generative AI 

Google’s generative AI platform, Duet AI, has been getting much attention lately thanks to its widespread appeal as an AI collaborator that can help you write reports, prepare presentations, summarize documents, set agendas, and more. But Duet AI is more than a handy office assistant. It’s a powerful tool that can take data management to the next level, providing […]

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Google Cloud is your Ticket into the Profitable World of Generative AI

Offices are quickly moving into an era where employees don’t just work on computers; they work with computers.  Since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, businesses have been waking up to the power and possibility of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) - AI that generates responses based on prompts. And those using Google Cloud have been ahead of the curve. […]

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Sharing Files in Google Workspace Just Got Easier

As regular Workspace users know, one of Google's greatest strengths is its emphasis on collaboration. For virtual teams and hybrid offices, the office suite is a godsend, providing digital connectivity that produces seamless workflows and instant communication. That laser focus on productive collaboration has been the driving force behind many recent Workspace upgrades, such as the newest […]

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