Cluttered clouds are bad for business. If your company is constantly uploading bulky files to Google Workspace, tying up storage space, and causing chaos in your shared drives, you’ll love the new Google updates to Workspace.

Workspace admins now have more control over the cloud than ever, with expanded storage settings to oversee and manage their company’s shared drives. These new tools are designed to help streamline storage, make workplaces more efficient, and protect valuable company data.

The new storage management features

Designed to enhance visibility, the updates help admins keep track of the many drives and documents stored in their Google Cloud Platform

Users can now:

  • View an organization-wide storage summary usage from the central admin console
  • See at a glance how much storage platforms like Drive and Gmail are using
  • Get insight into which employees and which shared drives use the most storage
  • Delete overfilled shared drives as needed
  • Get reports on storage use and alerts when drives are in danger of reaching their capacity limits

How to enable the updates

During the first phase of their launch, Google’s new features will only be available to Google Workspace super admins and legacy G Suite Basic and Business super admins. However, the updates are expected to be rolled out to all delegated users over the next few months.

Open up the admin console and click on ‘Storage’ in the left-hand menu to get started. This will take you to the new storage landing page, which can also be accessed by navigating from account > settings > storage. 

From the storage landing page, admins can view storage summary, user storage, and shared drives. Hovering the cursor over each tab brings up more details and admins can toggle on their chosen storage limit, modifying it for each user, department and/or drive. So if Bob from accounts is sucking up so much space that his colleagues have nowhere to put their documents, you can modify Bob’s storage allowance. Similarly, if the sales team has redundant files cluttering up their drive, you can motivate them to do a digital spring clean by setting limits.

These new storage tools will allow admins to create customized storage policies to benefit their business. No more struggle to find space or manually delete files every time an alert is issued. Set custom rules around users, groups, or the entire organization and never stress about storage again. 

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