Google Cloud storage is one of the best in the business, giving users plenty of space to keep all their documents and files in Google Drive. But it suffered from one frustrating efficiency hurdle - there was no way to easily copy and paste files directly into Drive, until now.

Google's latest update tackles this small but significant issue, adding more functionality for anyone who uses Drive regularly.

How to use shortcuts to cut, copy, and paste in Drive

The new feature's beauty is that no special workarounds or key combinations are involved in using the tool. You use the standard keyboard shortcuts of Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X, and Ctrl + V to copy, cut, and paste.

It's a huge timesaver, allowing users to move files across shared Drives with just a few clicks. You can also paste your files directly into whatever document you're working on or within an email, as Google automatically saves the link and title when it's copied. 

Of course, pasting multiple reiterations of the same file across several locations can easily lead to chaotic clutter, but Google has this handled. Every time the file is pasted, it creates a shortcut to the original rather than a duplicate - ensuring you don't stretch your storage limit or create confusion within Workspace.

Organizing files just became much easier

Pre-launch, you had to use the "Move" function to find your destination Drive folder and move the file where you wanted it. This was somewhat annoying to people used to working in Sharepoint/MS Office 365, where you can cut and paste. Now that Google Drive has rolled out this function, it is another reason to adopt Google Workspace. You can still use the "Move" function if you want to - it isn't going anywhere. It is helpful if you are particularly concerned that you may accidentally erase a file using cut and paste. 

When does it roll out?

The update began rolling out at the end of May and should be integrated into all accounts by mid-June. It's available to all Google Workspace customers but only via the Chrome browser.

Admins don't have to take any action as it will update automatically. All users have to do to get the benefit of this convenient productivity hack is to refamiliarize themselves with their copy-and-paste keyboard shortcuts.

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