Google Cloud is helping businesses hit their environmental goals with a set of sustainability tools designed to simplify sustainability, prevent greenwashing, and turn objectives into action.

Announced ahead of Google’s recent Sustainability Summit, the search engine’s new offerings build on existing products such as Google Earth Engine and Carbon Sense while adding new innovations in the form of Google Cloud Ready-Sustainability and the Google Cloud Marketplace Sustainability Hub.

“At Google, we believe that the path to a sustainable future begins with the small decisions we make every day. But industries, governments, and corporations are challenged to make these decisions without the right data or insights to inform them,” said Justin Keeble, Managing Director of Global Sustainability, Google Cloud. “Businesses and individuals alike are wondering how to turn sustainability ambition into action.” 

Refining Google’s Sustainability Suite

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Google Earth Engine

First launched in 2010, Google Earth Engine was created for scientists and NGOs to facilitate planetary-wide environmental monitoring. The platform collates raw data from satellites and other geospatial cloud tools to analyze habitats and ecosystems better. This massive trove of data allows scientists to track changes over time and pinpoint environmental trends. 

Google is now making Google Earth Engine widely available, taking it from a niche application to a platform that, used in conjunction with Google Maps and Google Big Query, will allow companies to access location-specific data in a range of fields.

Carbon Sense

Google aims to expand its Carbon Footprint app to Google Workspace in early 2023. The tool provides users with a dashboard to measure, track, and report their emissions. The expansion means customers can monitor the carbon footprint associated with standard products such as Gmail, Meet, Docs, and others tools.

The software giant is also improving accessibility by adding an Identity and Access Management feature to the app, allowing non-technical admins to view the data.

Google’s new sustainability-focused products and programs

Carbon-Free Energy Insights

Google is launching a pilot program to help companies track and measure their energy consumption. Users will be able to create a baseline and use this to establish targets for the future. The program offers regional and hourly monitoring and access to archived and real-time data to give firms actionable insight into their electricity emissions.

Google Cloud Ready - Sustainability

Developers who partner with Google to create business-ready sustainability tools can now apply for a special designation - GCR-Sustainability. This special certification will be awarded to companies that “deliver solutions that reduce carbon emissions, increase the sustainability of value chains, help organizations process ESG data or help them identify climate risks for increased resilience.”

Current GCR-Sustainability partners include Carto, Climate Engine, NGIS, GEOTAB, Planet, Atlas AI, and Electricity Map.

Google Cloud Marketplace Sustainability Hub

This new forum is where GCR-Sustainability partners can showcase their products and services to attract potential customers. Google has offered scant details about this initiative but says it expects to launch the hub soon.

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